Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Top Twelve (I couldn't keep it to Ten) Knitting Books

If I could only keep 12 of my bazillion knitting books and magazines and booklets, which ones would they be? So with not a huge amount of thought (that's because one knows one's favorites) I came up with the following list. They are not in order of preference because I really like all of them, and the are quite different one from the other. Three are exclusively children's knits, one is my favorite sock book, one is my knitting instruction book, while the seven remaining are what might be considered family knitting books as they have sweaters for all ages and both women and men. Nine of the books are British, one is Scottish, and two are American. Most of them have terrific photography.

1. Knits for Kids, by Lena Stengard

This book is just so much fun to look at, and ... it has great patterns. I have not been able to find a picture of the cover, but this is close. The author is actually Swedish, and that does influence her designs a bit.

2. Rowan Knitting Magazine #24

3. Knitting from the British Islands, by Alice Starmore

I have been a big fan of Alice Starmore since I learned to knit in Hong Kong in the early 80s. I bought this book in Hong Kong and the reason I have chosen this as my favorite is because there is a simplicity in this book that is not seen in her exquisite later books.

4. Folk Socks: The History & Techniques of handknitted Footwear, by Nancy Bush

This is the book I really learned to knit socks from.  Because I have a tendency to lose track of where I last put my favorite books I have two copies of this one.  Though I must admit, pretty soon I'll just have it memorized.  Nancy is great at explaining things, and of course she's a great sock designer.  All her books are good.

5. Traditional Knitting: From the Scottish and Irish Isles, by Debbie Bliss

I'm not sure why I'm so attached to this one, but maybe it's the fact that the sweaters are very traditional, and I really like that.

6. A Treasury of Rowan Knits: 80 Patterns from Favorite Desighners, edited by Stephen Sheard

I've been amassing Rowan patterns since book one of the magazines came out.  This has a nice collection of many of those patterns.

7. The Country Diary Book of Knitting, by Annette Mitchell

I love looking at this book. I want to be in the pictures. The designs are great and all doable.

8. Knitting in Vogue, More Knitting in Voque, and Great Knitting in Vogue, all edited by Christina Probert

9. Patons Beehive Knitting Book: The Bumper Beehive Book

I read and reread this book so much that it was falling apart and I bought a wonderful holder for the pages. And also, I found a copy of it for sale on the internet and I bought it. I currently don't know where I've put it, but it's safe somewhere. One of the reasons I love this book is that it is soooo 80s. I really like the knits of the 80s.

10. Tadpoles and Tiddlers, by Rowan

This is a really fun book, full of projects I'm keen to do.

11. Practical Knitting, by Rae Compton

This book is not really about patterns to knit, but it's my untimativo "how to knit" book. It's the one I learned on. I bought it in Hong Kong at the South China Morning Post bookstore at Star Ferry.

12. Patricia Roberts Second Knitting Bok, by Patricia Roberts

I've always greatly admired Patricia Roberts as a knitwear designer, though I think in her later works she got a bit carried away with herself. The first book in 1977 was a kick, but this one is more refined without being over the top. I believe that this little sweater here is exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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