Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What on earth have I been up to!?

I can't believe that I haven't posted on this site for 2 years!!!! You'd think I'd given up knitting. Well I haven't . But I have been through a lot of troubles in the missing time, making me a bit dysfunctional. But not to worry - I'm still knitting.

I got a new grand-daughter last May - Lizzie (Ellie as her parents call her). I've made three sweaters for her, two pairs of leggings, and two pairs of mittens. I also made a sweater and 2 pairs of mittens for her brother.

And I made a gorgeous purple vintage cardi for Emily, grand-daughter #1, with mittens to match. I've also made two pairs of mittens for myself, having lost my favorite pair.

And then there's the preemie hats - I've made seventeen of them. Now I just need to find out who to give them to. This is highly problematic. I was supposed to send them to New York by a certain date, but due to unforeseen happenings I missed the date. I'm thinking that I will just send them off to New York anyway. They can surely figure out what to do with them The preemie hats are a perfect fit on a Pleasant Company doll. I took a picture of each hat on a doll.

Well very soon I hope to load up some pictures, and also I will post the patterns for some of the hats and such.

My very latest project is a pair of socks for ME. I've come to the realization that home-made socks are in fact better than store bought. I'm making a pair out of bamboo and nylon from one of my favorite knitting books - Folk Socks, by Nancy Bush. It is called Challet Sock, and is patterened with twisted traveling stitches. At first it was a bit hard to figure out, and I'm not saying I've totally figured it out, but what I've got looks good, so I'm going with it.

Be Back.