Friday, December 26, 2008

A New Knitting Book for Christmas

It's not quite right if one doesn't get a knitting book for Christmas. The one I got I actually picked out myself. Well actually, one could not possibly think that their husband could pick out a knitting book all by himself. The fun thing is that I had completely forgotten about the book, so it really was a surprise.

I received Nicky Epstein's new book Knitting On Top of the World. It's an incredible book. In my estimation Nicky Epstien is the most amazing knitter and designer. I can't right off the bat think of another American knitting designer that I like - okay I just remembered - it's Nancy Bush. She's also amazing.

I was reading the reviews of this book on Amazon, and for the most part people don't like it. But a few free thinkers liked it very much. I think it's terrific, though I'll be the first to admit that there are many objects in the book I'd never make. But most knitting books are like that. At least the ones I wouldn't make have scope for the imagination, and that's worth a lot.

Take for example the Edwardian lace coat on the cover. No matter how it was designed, I wouldn't make something like that, but there are numerous lace patterns in that coat that would be great for a scarf or baby blanket. Or how about the Fair Isle Tam Capelet - that thing is so ridiculous that it gave me and my family all a good laugh.

I think that the Black Forest Mitts are gorgeous, but I would not make the bobbly buffs, that's just a bit much for me.

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