Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have never completed an adult scarf. I find it sooooo tedious to knit one. But that doesn't mean I haven't started them, or that I don't intend to finish them.

The first one of importance is an Alice Starmore scarf from In the Hebrides. It's more of a shawl than a scarf, and I'm making it out of an Alice Starmore wool in red. But alas, I don't know where the last ball of wool is, and ... a moth ate through a strand of the wool. I know ... I should keep my unfinished (and finished) wool projects in a cedar chest or I should make a cedar closet to keep my wool. It's a very lacy pattern, and I'm not sure how I will mend the hole created by the moth. I hate moths!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm also knitting a lovely natural alpaca scarf for Corey. I started it a loonngg time ago, but it is so lovely. The problem is that I made up the pattern myself, and I have trouble remembering what it is when I start up knitting it from time to time. And at the moment I have no idea where it is. I really must come to terms with my unfinished projects. What that means is that I simply must finish them!

And if I remember correctly, I was working on a scarf with a pattern that someone got from a lady in the Metro in Paris. I can't even remember what I was making it out of. But if I know me it was red. I LOVE RED.

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